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What's this service about?

As people in the IT-industry, we need guids all the time.
One way to get them is by searching for the word `guid` in your favourite search engine and it will probably create a new one for you to use. This works great, aside from the fact you need to copy-paste it from some place in the UI.
I'd rather have a page with only a new guid, preferably when the page is loaded, and copy it directly from there withouth having to wory where to click & select on the page. That's when Guid.Codes was born!

The goal is to have a very lightweight page where the only thing you can do is get a new guid.
No tracking, no cookies, no ads, just guids!

Can I help?

Sure thing!
The implementation of the service is quite easy to understand, if you're familiar with C# & Azure Functions. But as the code footprint is quite small, I guess all type of developers can understand what's happening over here. Check out my GitHub repository of this project over here: https://github.com/Jandev/guid-api
If there are open issues, feel free to pick them up, or if you see something which can need some improvement you can open up an issue and create a pull request if you want.

Can I help even more?

Well, yes actually!
As you can imagine, running a (small) service isn't free. I have to pay for the consumed Azure resources, bandwidth, domainname, etc.
If you can spare a few bucks I'd love to be sponsored on GitHub or a donation via PayPal.